Chocolate Easter Nests

Easter Nests



Easter Nests


Children love helping out with this quick and easy Easter recipe.

They also love eating the ingredients as you go.

My tip is to ensure you have plenty of extra ingredients to hand for your little helpers to feast on as they ‘help’!

This recipe makes approximately 30 nests.



15 Shredded Wheat

600g cooking chocolate

8tbsp Golden Syrup

100g butter

Mini eggs to decorate




kids making Easter NestsCrush Shredded Wheat into a large bowl.






Bel eating ingredientsYou may want to include one or two extra to replace any that the children eat as they ‘help’.





Anna eating ingredientsBreak up chocolate and place into a separate, heatproof bowl. Again, you may want to include one or two extra to replace any that the children eat as they ‘help’.


Melt chocolate and butter in a bain-marie over a medium-low heat.


Bel Libby setting out cake casesAs you are waiting for the chocolate to melt, the children can set out the cake cases.


Once melted stir in the golden syrup. Immediately pour the melted mixture over the Shredded Wheat and mix thoroughly.


Spoon mixture into cases quickly before the chocolate begins to set.


Joseph and Paddy Easter NestsFinally, add three mini eggs to each ‘nest’.






Bel, Libby Paddy making Easter Nests

Oh yes, and you may want to add a few extra – just in case the kids eat them as they help! (See Bel in the background here!)






































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