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There are very few things in life more important than vision, and when we start to think about our family’s vision the importance is exaggerated further still.  It’s natural for us to want to take care of our family as best we can, and when it’s as something as paramount to quality of life as vision, then we’ll do all in our power to ensure our loved ones get the best care available.

But what is the best care?  There are so many options available regarding eyewear and eye care now – which is superior, what’s worth the money, what’s merely a fashion trend?  One of the major decisions to be made is whether or not to go for contact lenses.

There have been one million and one articles extolling the virtues of both contact lenses and glasses, so to make an informed decision is becoming exponentially more difficult.  However, here are three aspects to take into consideration:


1. Level of activity

While, of course, this matters for adults, when we’re talking about kids then it’s a whole different ball game.  Kids have a natural tendency to be rough on their items – whether that’s their shoes, trousers, technology or eyewear, they’re all going to get abuse.

With that in mind then, contact lenses are far and away the better choice.  The prospect of having to constantly buy new frames for your boisterous child is a bridge too far; frames are expensive and kids will be kids. To avoid this, lenses are perfect.  With the advent of great new lenses, from Last minute lenses for example, the headaches of old contact lenses are a thing of the past so fear not.


2. Price

It’s true that contact lenses don’t come cheap, and caring for the lenses requires more care products.  On face value it can be argued that the one-off sum for a pair of glasses is just that, a one-off sum; whereas contact lenses are a constant drain on the family resources.

However, that isn’t strictly true.  Glasses get misplaced all the time.  Whether they’ve been left at school or at the gym, or sitting on a table in a restaurant, invariably glasses get lost, so that one-off sum has suddenly become two one-off sums, not to mention the natural changes in your child’s vision.  That means more glasses required: another one-off sum.  Suddenly glasses aren’t so cheap, and that’s not to mention the hassle involved in dealing with glasses throughout the day. No child enjoys that!


3. Happiness

Kids can be cruel and, unfortunately, glasses can make your child a target.  Whilst education to stop bullying is certainly the long term goal, in the short term we want to protect our little ones and if your child is deeply unhappy about wearing their glasses, contact lenses might be the solution to help make them happier.


So when you’re trying to make the choice, it would be wise to take these three aspects into consideration.





















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