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Because there is nothing better than a little procrastination when you have other, less attractive things to be getting on with, it’s always fun to try out those interactive quizzes which claim to work out your personality – if only to scoff that the results are nothing like ‘the real you’.

This one from Costa Bingo stated that I loved the game, even though I answered ‘no’ for every question. If it really knew me it would know that the rare occasion I have played, I’m simply a cut’n’run type of gal. Here is how:

If you deposit £10 you get £30 to play with. As long as you take any winnings you accumulate and make a run for it, you’re not drawn into adding more of your own money, and can afford to lose the £10 if your numbers don’t come up, it’s actually a good way of taking advantage of the  introductory offers that online bingo sites offer, and make a little extra.











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