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If you’re anything like me, your bathroom is one of – if not the – most important rooms in your house. It’s where your morning rituals start after dragging yourself out of bed, and where the day’s activities end right before crawling back in and beginning the cycle anew. It’s my first port of call amidst the disarray dawn brings. A morning shower wakes me up, and I need my wits about me to get my unruly children off to school in time.

Up until recently, the family bathroom wasn’t the most welcoming of sights when suffering from morning grogginess. Harsh lighting, grubby floors and ugly, impractical design doesn’t really put you in a good mood for the rest of the day. It also makes it harder to persuade kids to use it when it comes to bath time. Eventually, I got sick and tired of starting my day in squalor and decided it was time for a change.

The task at hand was daunting, but no more would I put up with a bathroom that looked like a cheap motel room cliché you always seem to see in the movies.

With a relatively small space to work with I had some constraints to think about. I took down the measurements and wrote a list of everything I wanted to include in our new super-bathroom, putting them in order of importance as I saw fit whilst taking into account that children would be using it too.

A good shower was top of the list. With so many bathroom showers to choose from I set about doing my research. I looked at a range of enclosure sizes, compared modern design choices to more traditional styles and mulled over the benefits of an exposed or a concealed kit.

Due to the moderate size of our family bathroom a large cubicle was out of the question (despite trying to convince myself otherwise after drooling over a beautiful selection of walk in enclosures), but I had options. I could plump for a quadrant shower enclosure which tucked neatly into the corner of the room, or I could save space by sacrificing a hinged door in favour of a sliding door or a bi-fold design.

I looked at more shower heads and shower valves than you thought could possibly be in existence. Did I want a 200mm square head or a 400mm round head with LED lights that tell me what temperature the water is flowing at dependent on the colour? Did I want a one-way mixer valve with a classic design or a stylish minimalistic two-way mixer? With

I opted for an electric shower kit to nestle inside a cosy quadrant enclosure and then set about meticulously choosing all of the accessories to match the motif I had in mind. I decided upon a large stone counter top basin and added the finishing touch by fitting a wall-mounted stainless steel mirror cabinet. Even visions of grubby fingerprints streaking down its surface weren’t enough to dissuade me.

Now, instead of trudging into a grimy bathroom and having a lukewarm shower before work I can enjoy all the new features my contemporary and minimalist bathroom has to offer. Before it was an effort to get the kids into the shower, now it’s getting them out that is the problem!



Lisa is a mum of two who, when she’s not chasing the kids, writes about home and interior design. 
















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