10 Reasons to Holiday in Britain





The Great British holiday should never be underestimated, and if you’re thinking about booking a holiday this year, definitely deserves some serious consideration.

As well as the obvious reasons regarding cost, there are numerous reasons as to why the UK makes such a great destination for holidays. In case you need more convincing, we’ve come up with 10 for you.


1. Escape the stresses of the airport

Baggage claim, passports, endless queuing. Airports take half the fun out of going on holiday, and that’s if your bag turns up and you don’t get strip searched! (If you’re getting a domestic flight up and down the country, this will be a heck of a lot easier, as most airports don’t even require seeing your passport). Ditch it altogether and take a road trip!


shutterstock_1402653402. Explore attractions right on your doorstep

The UK is home to countless world famous attractions that people from all over the globe travel hundreds of thousands of miles to see. Take advantage of living so close to some amazing, iconic sites, and check out sites like Visit Britain for more inspiration.


3. You can share your heritage with others

Wherever you are from in the UK, take the opportunity to share your heritage and family background with others, especially your children. A British heritage is something to be extremely proud of and your kids are bound to love learning about their family.


4. There’s always a rainy day plan

Us Brits are always prepared (mostly for rain) so there will always be something you can do if the weather is not so desirable, which can’t always be said for other countries where the lifestyle revolves around the beach or the pool.


5. There are loads of things to keep the kids busy

From theme parks to zoos, aquariums, interactive museums and many more, your kids will no doubt fall in love wherever you take them and certainly won’t be bored. A lot of the entry fees into many UK attractions are significantly lower than those abroad, especially as you can keep eyes out for money saving vouchers, too. Especially when they’re younger, save the money to take them further as they grow older as they won’t care and will just be interested in having fun!


shutterstock_1493140736. You may be more likely to be able to get a group together

If you’d absolutely love a short break with all of the family, you’re most likely to be able to get everyone on board if you can find something cheap, cheerful and near. You could hire a beautiful cabin in the woods and get all of the relatives together for a peaceful yet fun break.


7. There is so much variety

It doesn’t just depend on which of the four UK countries you choose to visit for your UK holiday, it also depends on the city as Britain is one of the most diverse islands in the world. From the Scottish highlands to the Cornish beaches, the countryside of Wales to the urban bustle of London to the rich heritage of Northern Ireland, there is something for everyone.


8. Save the planet

If you’d like the chance to be more eco friendly, holidaying nearer home will certainly help lower your carbon footprint when travelling by car than it would be by plane.


shutterstock_1539432869. It’s easy to visit other locations

If you can’t decide on what location, or there are a number of different places you’d like to see at once, this is extremely easy in the UK. Getting around is very simple and often pretty cheap. For example, you can get from Glasgow to London for as little as £15.


10. Cut travel time down, not holiday time

Stop travelling and start having some fun! You will reach your holiday destination in great time and will soon be enjoying yourself with your family significantly sooner.

































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