Six Ways to help lose weight with Meal Replacement Shakes





Using a shake to replace one of your meals every day is a healthy and productive way of losing weight. They can help you reduce your daily calorie count and build up a calorie deficit which should help you achieve consistent and gradual weight loss.

Unlike a taking on the strains of an intermittent fasting diet like the Fast Diet or the Werewolf Diet, meal replacement shakes will keep you energised.

They are fortified with a wide variety of vitamins and minerals and you are taking in calories, so they can take the place of a meal and keep you healthy and animated a variety of low-calorie protein shakes that if you replace one of your meals a day, along with a healthy diet you should lose weight, productively and most importantly healthily.

1. Do not replace a meal with a shake for more than two meals in one day, or one meal and one snack, per day. It is not healthy to do so. You want to reduce your calorie intake not diminish it altogether, it’s not healthy.

2. Use a meal replacement that contains at least 200 calories. They should also have a balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats to fill you and keep you from snacking.

3. Have a shake during the meals you find hard to stick to. If your breakfast is the occasional  McDonald’sbrekkie because you skipped cereal use the shake. If you graze all day instead of having lunch have a shake on your break instead. If cooking your own dinner is a hassle drink a shake.

4. Get some variety in to your diet. Buy a couple of flavours of your chosen shake and mix and match them. One day have chocolate, another day have strawberry. You could even have a chocolate and strawberry flavour one day! I’ve heard of plenty of other flavours such as banana, vanilla, chocolate mint, and cookies and cream. This will come in handy especially if you are having a couple of shakes  a day.

5. If you want to snack while dieting, why not try chomping on some fruit or vegetables. They are tasty treats and low in calories. Most importantly they are full of fibre which will help you digest your shakes and make your bowel movements easier.

shutterstock_934494316. Get the most out of your meal replacement shake diet by making sure the food you eat is balanced and healthy. A simple method to help this along is to follow the Food Standards Agency’s balanced diet plate chart. Fill ½ of your plate with vegetables,¼  of the plate with foods rich in protein (Meats, eggs, beans, legumes) and the remaining quarter with starch (Pasta, Rice, breads).






















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