February 6, 2016

Fun & Frugal Family Celebration Ideas For Valentine’s Day 2014




I simply love how little things in life can add up to make us feel so special. Just like Christmas and birthdays, Valentine’s Day also lets you share these little joys with your most beloved people.

And limiting Valentine’s Day celebration to couples shouldn’t be a necessity–the day becomes more joyful when it is celebrated as a family.

If you have little children, you can introduce them to this special day and make them a part of it, so they know how it is a source of happiness and love for everyone.

In 2014, try and make your whole family a part of V-Day with some fun activities. The following are a few celebration ideas from my list:


Bake Together

Spend the day making scrumptious Valentine’s Day desserts in the kitchen: heart shaped cookies and cupid-themed cupcakes can be a good idea. You can also take the plunge and bake a Valentine themed cake.

Everyone can help; the children can have some fun icing the cupcakes and decorating the cookies. This can be a good substitute for the expensive Valentine’s Day chocolates at the stores. Use simple recipes, but spend more time in decorating with gum paste, icing, or fondant – it’s fun and easy.


Preserve Memories

You can preserve the love from Valentine’s Day this time around. There are so many ways to maintain a record of how you and your family spent this special day. You can maintain a scrapbook for each holiday or special day that you have spent together as a family or even as a couple. Scrapbooks are like customized picture albums with captions, and they can be made at home.

The best way to preserve memories is to take pictures. Valentines day pictures can have a cute V-Day theme to them, which will make the scrapbook look even prettier. Have your family members write personalized messages in the scrapbook, making precious memories to reminisce about for generations to come.


Plan a Day Trip

A day trip to one of your favorite resorts can be a fun way to spend Valentine’s Day and also have some family bonding time. You can also choose to go to a theme park that you will enjoy as a family.

Depending on your budget, you can either book a serene resort for a full day, or you can pack lunch from home and drive to your favorite picnic spot. If you have young children or nieces or nephews travelling with you, make it a point to tell them the history behind Valentine’s Day and why it is celebrated.


Spread the Love

This year, pledge to make it a habit as a family to spread the love on this special day. You can perhaps make little goodie bags filled with homemade cookies or cupcakes, candies, and some cake fudge to distribute among family and friends.

Also try and give these goodie bags to those less fortunate around you. It’s not Christmas but it’s a day of love, so reach out to as many people as you can.

Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and Valentine’s Day are lined up for the upcoming season. If you have any other ideas for a family Valentine’s Day celebration, feel free to share them in the comments section below.




















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