February 10, 2016

Planning the Perfect Hogmanay Celebration


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New Year is like marmite, you either love it or you hate it. Not everyone is a big fan of New Year and the strong obligations that come with it to be joyous. Yet, New Year does offer us a cause for celebration; we are able to put the last year behind us and focus on the future, righting any wrongs and put plans in motion towards achieving our goals and ambitions. It should be an event, which is filled with positivity and appreciation for what we have and what we want to gain.

To really get into the spirit of New Year, you need to plan the ultimate celebration – Maybe not one that simply involves a lot of alcohol or falling out of the local pub just after midnight but one that involves real tradition and celebrates the true meaning of New Year. There is nowhere better to celebrate the time of year than in Scotland, the country that truly embraces the celebrations and holds a range of festivities to say goodbye to the passing year, warmly welcoming the New Year.

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Scotland is known for holding extravagant four-day celebrations over the New Year period, combining tradition with modern festivities and allowing visitors to join in what can only be seen as a giant party. The Scots have a long-standing heritage with New Year and are the very reason why so many of us indulge in the celebrations. They are so immersed in New Year that they have christened the period with their own name of Hogmanay.

The idea of New Year was introduced by the Romans and is something, which originated in Scotland, which is why the country is notorious for its passions surrounding the event and why they go above and beyond in festivities. To really throw yourself into the idea of New Year and to really become accustomed to the period, there is simply no better place to understand the holiday and its importance than in Scotland.

The country goes all out with its celebrations holding huge firework displays, open-air concerts and street parties and the warm and welcoming atmosphere means that no visitor is a stranger.

So, what do you see and where do you go for the ultimate traditional NYE?


  • Aberdeen are holding an elaborate firework display from the roof of His Majesty’s Theatre which can be seen and appreciated for miles.


  • Dundee are bringing an historical event back to NYE with a black and gold masquerade ball for those who want to see in the new year in all their finery.


  • Stirling castle is holding an extravagant celebration with bagpipes, fireworks, musicians and street performers.


  • Stonehaven is set to allow visitors to experience tradition with the ancient custom of the fireballs ceremony.



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