February 8, 2016

Louise Casey: Mothers of troubled large families should be taken to GP for contraception advice. But is she wrong?




Head of the troubled families programme has come under fire for her comments on mothers of large families – more specifically, for saying that in some cases, adding another child to the family might not be such a great idea.

While interviewing her, journalist Steven Swinford asked whether the family intervention that Casey deemed to be necessary in some cases included accompanying a mother to her GP for advice on contraception, Miss Casey agreed that it was indeed an option to consider.

I have noticed a deluge of tweets and reports referring to her saying that she approves forcing contraception upon women, but I haven’t actually seen any quotes by Louise Casey where she has actually advocated that, and there are many up-in-arms comments criticising her, but is she actually wrong?

Is it wrong that Louise Casey has pointed out that sometimes, some mothers need to be aware that other options are available, and that bringing yet another child into an already struggling family, living in poverty within an environment of crime, is not the answer.

Yes, the choice to have a child must always, always be down to the parents and forced contraception or, heaven forbid, forced sterilisation, should never be something which anybody rather than the individual in question has authority over.  Yet the responsibility which comes with choosing to have that child must never, ever be overlooked and always be taken into consideration, and if a person’s children are living a life of poverty and turning to a life of crime, should they  really be thinking about having another rather than concentrating efforts into turning their lives around?

It is easy for some of us living in ivory towers of relative comfort and security to look down and yell, but things are very different to the person who is trapped in that life of poverty, crime, limited education, lack of prospects and a benefits system which rewards it all.  And the next generation being raised within that environment, who are themselves turning to crime, low expectations of quality of life and a lack of ambition, will surely only go on to do the same unless support, education and help is given turn their lives around, rather than being given continual cash handouts which keeps them embroiled within it.

The full official 2012 PDF report on ‘Listening to Troubled Families’ can be found here.

The full details of the Troubled Families Scheme is here and click here for the full detailed authority breakdown can be downloaded here. 

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