February 7, 2016

How to dress well for less


Sexy fashionable clothes and shoes


Shopping for new clothes can sometimes turn out to be a stressful affair.  Sticking to a budget  but wanting to update your wardrobe might leave you with conflicting emotions, and what if you end up choosing something which you later regret?

Looking good and feeling comfortable doesn’t necessarily mean having to spend a fortune.  No matter what your budget, following a few simple steps will make sure that you look good and feel great –  whether you need something for every day wear or whether you are looking to splash out on a designer outfit for special occasions.



Create a mix and match wardrobe comprising two or three colours which complement each other.  Keeping your wardrobe colour choice simple yet matching will allow you to create several different outfits with just a few key items.


Stick to your budget

Set a limit and stick to it.  No matter what your budget is, come up with an amount you can realistically afford to spend and stick to it.  Don’t be tempted to go just a little over, if only this once.  Work out your budget and keep it.


Diligence pays

Investing a little time in shopping around can save a lot of money in the long run.  Look out for sales, check cashback sites and set yourself a challenge to never, ever pay full price.


The personal touch

Personalise your clothes by adding your own special touch.  Team up an outfit with a scarf or jewellery to give it that little extra something.


Suits you

Dress to suit your body shape, not forgetting what you feel comfortable in.  There is no point buying a gorgeous new dress if you don’t feel comfortable wearing them.  Make sure you wear clothes in the right size too.  You may feel disappointed at having to go up a size but you’ll look and feel better if you wear the size that fits you well.


Do you have tips for dressing well for less?  Share them in the comments below.









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