Pop music your child will love




A majority, if not all, of mainstream pop music played on the radio is for adults. This makes it difficult for children to enjoy the music fully, because while they can enjoy the tune they can never relate to the lyrics which often speak of broken hearts and romance.

Zeamu Music is a new record label created to produce music for children between the ages of four and eleven. They have recently released their first album CD which holds songs that many primary-school age children can relate to. Some songs talk about bullying, others about family, and some even about how much fun the summer holidays can be! There is such a wide range of topics that are covered that no child will have trouble picking a favourite. All of the songs are catchy, fun, and light-hearted.

Barbara Bishop of Zeamu Music says, “Providing kids with music they can relate to assures them they’re not alone.”

Zeamu Music teamed up with some of the biggest music producers, musicians and composers, but left the singing to school children to make it even more significant to kids.

Our family loved it and spent the whole CD dancing along to the songs, because even the ones who were too young to understand the lyrics got caught up in the tune! It’s full of wonderful and child friendly music and is a great substitution for mainstream pop music.

To find out more information on Zeamu Music go to their website. You can also go to their Facebook or Twitter page.

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