February 9, 2016

Summer security tips for you and your family


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Whether you’re planning a summer holiday this year, or you’ve decided to take full advantage of the wonderful summer we are having, it’s a good idea to give some thought to home security. The good news is that burglaries are on the decrease and there is little chance of becoming a victim this summer.

That doesn’t mean it’s time to be complacent though. Burglars are often opportunistic and with one in ten break-ins being the result of homes being left unsecured, there are steps you can take to make sure you don’t become just another stat.

Hot hot hot

The forecast for the next month or two is hot sunshine and whilst this will mean ventilation and Summer security tips for you and your family

sunbathing to you, to a burglar it means open windows and unsecured properties. With regards to open windows, there are a few basic rules to follow. Only have open windows downstairs in rooms that are being used. If you leave the room, close the window.

As for upstairs, whilst you will probably want to keep windows open, you should still close them at night, as burglars can often gain access through windows that look out of reach. It also pays to look at your upstairs windows to see if any are easily accessible. If it’s possible to gain entry through a window by climbing on the conservatory or the porch, you will want to keep these windows closed during the day as well.

Keep an eye on the kids

Whilst most adults are security conscious, children will invariably leave windows open and doors unlocked. When the kids go out with their friends, or to school in the morning, it might be a good idea to check after they’ve left.

Barbeque time

Very often, thieves will keep their eye open for people spending time in the garden during the summer, as many will leave doors and windows unlocked. If you’re planning on spending time in the garden enjoying a barbeque with the children, or playing in the inflatable pool with the toddlers, do take time to ensure all downstairs windows and doors are locked.

Summer holiday

For those who are looking forward to a holiday during the summer months, you won’t want to come home only to find your house has been burgled, and whilst there is no way of being certain, again, you can stack the odds in your favour. A good place to start is with timers for your lights. If you have a radio with a timer why not set it to come on for an hour in the morning or evening as well. Even better, if you have any friends or family members close by, why not ask someone to come in and open and close your curtains morning and evening, as this will give anyone looking as they walk by the impression that the property is occupied.

Home security

If you can afford to have home security fitted it will make all the difference. You don’t necessarily have to spend thousands. From an alarm box on the outside to sensor lights, any security will significantly reduce your chances of becoming a victim to burglary. There are plenty of security options available from experts such as those at www.adt.co.uk, so check out what options and price range are available for your family.

As you can see, by following a few simple rules you can drastically reduce your chances of being burgled and whilst homes are getting safer and safer with every passing year, it really doesn’t hurt to be a little cautious. All that remains now is for the whole family to make the most of this rare, hot British summer.






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