February 10, 2016

Six simple meal ideas for self-catered holiday heaven



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With the school summer holidays just around the corner, many a family are packing their bags and loading their boots to set off to one of Britain’s brilliant holiday destinations. This post is going to give you six inspirational ideas for meals you can make whilst staying at self-catered destinations. They are quick, easy and healthy, meaning you can keep an eye on the clock, the waistline and the purse strings.

Brits have enjoyed their UK based summer holidays since the laying of train tracks across the nation. This made travel cheap and easy, whether for a summer holiday or even just a weekend break. Center Parcs consider the list below as a pretty good menu to equip you with some quick and simple meal ideas that are sure to save you hours slaving over the stove. There is a choice of two meals for each course (starter, main and dessert). Tuck in.



Salmon Burgers – 30 mins – A light and tasty take on the potato-packed fish cake. This lovely summertime treat is prepared and cooked in no time at all, in fact it only requires five minutes of standing over the hob. It’s definitely a certified crowd pleaser, whatever the age range.

Couscous Salad– 10 mins – This is more of an adult meal, but with a 10 min prep time this couldn’t be easier. It’s a deliciously tangy salad that your waistline will thank you for.



Margarita Pizza – 35 mins – This admittedly takes a little more prep and planning than the previous options but is an absolute winner for the children. Not only can they muck in and get their hands dirty but they get a delicious pizza at the end. For a time saving cheat buy ready made pizza bases.

Superfast Prawn Noodles – 15mins – This dish literally couldn’t be any simpler. If you can throw things in a pan and count to 120 seconds then this dish is well within your ability. It’s pretty healthy too, weighing in at just 4g of fat.



Banana Split Cake – 15 mins – Ok so remember where I said healthy? Well… it’s your summer holidays, so treat yourself. This is sure to be an absolute favourite for the children, and a guilty pleasure for a few of the adults too.

Easy Eton Mess – 10 mins – This dessert is sure to be a hit with all the family and it couldn’t be easier to make. This decidedly British dessert certainly fits in well with your choice of location this year round.

What did you think of this menu? Any ideas for something easier still? Let us know in the comments below.












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