February 9, 2016

Preparing Your Home for Granny Coming to Stay



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Old age can be tough for everyone. There are decisions that must be made and one of the most difficult decisions is whether or not a nursing home is the right choice for the elderly person in your life that you love. Nursing homes can be a little stressful and they are not always the best idea for the elderly. No one likes to have their independence taken away from them, and no one likes being surrounded by strangers especially at this age. The only other sensible alternative would be to bring them into your own home. This way they can still have their freedom and they are not surrounded by strangers, but you may need to make a few minor changes to your home. These changes are easy and they are for the safety of everyone.


Start With the Bathroom

This is the number one place for elderly accidents in the home. More elderly people slip and fall in the bathroom than anywhere else in the house. Most bathrooms are made up of tile floors and porcelain fixtures. Falling down here could do a lot of damage very quickly. Some minor changes will need to be made and remember that prevention is the best step.

Purchase some no slip mats and place them in the shower and along the floor of your bathroom. These will give that little extra bit of traction that is needed to prevent slip and fall accidents from happening.


Check For Trip and Fall Hazards

The bathroom may be the number place for slip and fall accidents to occur, but there may be other tripping hazards located throughout your home. Go through your home on a room by room basis and look for possible tripping hazards. Rugs, chairs and cables are usually the problem. Fix these problems before an accident happens.


What About Stairs?

If your home is more than one story, then you will need to take a look at that staircase. Many older people suffer with mobility stairliftproblems and climbing the stairs can become a difficult task for them. The best solution is to install a stair lift. This will allow anyone to bypass the stairs completely. Choose from simple small chair like stair lift, or choose from a larger classic home lift that looks more like a small personal elevator. Prevention is the best way to stop slips and falls before they happen. The stair lift is the answer when it comes to stairs.


Do You Need to Change Door Handles?

If the elderly person that you are inviting into your home has arthritis, then you may want to think about changing the door handles in your home. Regular round handles can be very difficult to operate for people that are suffering from arthritis. Lever type door handles are much easier to open. This is a very inexpensive way to make things so much easier for everyone.


Inviting an elderly relative into you home is a big commitment but also a great way to show that you love and care for someone. Make sure that your home is ready to welcome them with open arms. It can be a nice idea to add some of their own personal belongings from their home such as a favourite chair, some antiques and some cherished family photographs to really make them feel welcome and at home.










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