February 13, 2016

Finding ‘The One’: How to Buy the Perfect Static Caravan

Static caravans in camping site

Everything You Need to Know about Finding and Purchasing the Right Static Caravan for You

Buying a static caravan is a big investment into your future holidays, and choosing the right one will ensure your family’s holiday fun and comfort for years to come. This means it is well worth taking your time to consider your options and pick the right holiday home, park and location for you.


Choosing the Right Static Caravan

Your static caravan is your home-away-from-home when you’re on holiday, so it is important to choose one you’ll be comfortable in. The easiest way to find out what suits you is by going to a caravan show or visiting a dealer.

When viewing a static caravan, consider how important the amount of living space is, how many bedrooms you need and don’t be afraid to have a go at setting the beds up as this will give you an idea of how much space there really is.


Choosing the Right Location for Your Static Caravan

Without a doubt choosing the right location is just as important as choosing the right caravan. If you buy a caravan in a location you love and will be happy visiting time after time, you will get the maximum value for money out of your investment.

Think about how far the location is from you home – is it close enough to travel to at weekends? Will the distance from your home prevent you going there at short notice?

It’s also important to think about the holiday park – will you be happy spending regular holidays there? What facilities does it offer and where are the nearest shops? If you haven’t stayed at that holiday park before, you can suss out whether it’s right for you by renting a caravan there for a few days. This is perfect for exploring its facilities, experiencing the real atmosphere of the park and getting to know the people you’ll be holidaying with.

If you like to take your dog with you on holiday, it is important to find a canine-friendly location. Not all holiday parks allow dogs and some beaches limit dog access during peak season.


Think about Finance

Before you buy, it is important to work out a budget and what your static caravan’s running costs will be. Running costs include insurance, site fees, and utilities and if you’re buying a new caravan you should ask whether the cost includes transporting the static caravan onto the site.

Finally, investigate the possibility of subletting your static caravan when you’re not using it. Many holiday parks offer this and it is a great way to offset your holiday home’s running costs.














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