February 8, 2016

Five Low-Effort, Big Impact Hairstyles For Busy Mums


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When it comes to first impressions, your hair is often one of the first things people will notice about you, so making sure that it’s saying the right things is important.

Finding the time for styling and managing your hair can be difficult, so here are five quick, easy and impressive styles you can try out while the kids are busy.


1. Change your colour 

One of the easiest and most dramatic ways to alter your do is to change the colour. Go from a sultry brunette to a bouncy blonde in under an hour with many home dye kits giving results that are just as good as a salon colour.

If you’re not sure which shade to go for, try out a semi permanent dye before you dive in with your permanent new hair colour. Remember that permanent hair colour dyes are available in numerous shades so you can find one which is perfect for you without difficulty.


2. Scarves

Adding a scarf to your look is another easy way to give yourself some style without putting in the time. Try out some bright colours and bold patterned scarves and tie them where you’d normally have an Alice band. Not only with this add visual interest to your hairstyle, it’s also great for keeping hair off your face when you’re run off your feet.


3. Buns 

They may seem a little old-fashioned but buns are definitely back in style and once you master the technique they are very quick and simple to achieve – especially if you use a hair doughnut to build the shape on.

This is a great one for home and for work and gives you that sexy-librarian look in an instant.


4. French plait 

Like the bun, the French plait can take a little while to get the hang of. If you’ve got a friend or daughter with long hair you can practice on them before trying it for real. Keep the plait loose with a few escaping locks for a stylish bohemian look.


5. Waves 

Creating gentle waves in your hair is a great look, especially for the summer months as it will lend you a real surf-chick look. There are a few different hair tips on how to achieve the best results but the easiest way is to use splash a little salt spray onto wet hair and then scrunch it as it dries.

Summer is a great time to try out new looks and styles, so get yourself a scarf, a bottle of dye or a willing model and get experimenting!













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