July 29, 2014

An urgent cry for help: The NHS won’t pay for Lauren’s cancer treatment. Can you help just a little?




Way back in 2004 I met a lady called Lauren through an online ante natal board.  I was pregnant with Eddie (our fifth), and Lauren was pregnant with her first child.

Shortly after Lauren had her second child she was diagnosed with cancer.  She was 25.

Lauren fought a strong battle and won but it wasn’t over.  Her family life was to be turned upside down.

Lauren and I lost touch a while back, but yesterday I found out that she is fighting cancer yet again.  The prognosis is not good but she’s a fighter.  The gutting part of the story?  The NHS is refusing to fund the drugs that Lauren needs which have already proven to shrink the tumours taking over her body.

Her children are 8 and 6 and their mummy is dying, and the NHS refuses to provide her with the drugs she needs because ‘she doesn’t tick the boxes’.   Their mummy doesn’t fit the right criteria to qualify for funding for the drugs she needs.

Lauren is desperately hoping that she can somehow raise the money which will give her family the slightest hope.  She is having to face up to knowing she is unlikely to see her children grow up.  Her husband John is having to face up to life, raising their children without his beautiful wife at his side.  She is only 30-years-old.

I know how our readers helped us so much when I made the plea for my friend’s son Oliver last year.  I know how you supported us, donated and bid when we held our auction to raise money for Oliver.  Please, please will you help Lauren?

I’m crying.

I can’t imagine what Lauren is going through.  I can’t imagine how she feels or what a horrific nightmare this is.  I can imagine how angry and let down they must feel toward our beloved, highly-considered NHS because I am feeling it too.

Imagine for one moment how you would feel in Lauren’s shoes, then thank your lucky stars you’re not.

Read more about Lauren, her story and what she needs here.  There is also a Facebook page called Lauren’s Marvellous Medicine.  Please like it, support it, donate any little you can.  Once you’ve done that please spread the word as much as you can.  It could make all the difference in the world to Lauren and her family.

Thank you.








  1. This is so sad, I don’t have much at all but I will donate what I can. I think it’s wonderful you are trying to help your friend like this, I’d like to think someone would do it for me in the same situation. It’s so terrible NHS won’t help her x


  1. [...] friends and family are trying to spread her story as widely as possible. You can read more over on Larger Family Life, where there’s information on how you can support Lauren’s campaign, if you’d like [...]

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