February 11, 2016

Our Big Family Road Trip: Lake Bolsena


Lake Bolsena 30 April 2013 039


About a 40 minute drive away from our rental in Sermugnano near Orvieto was Lake Bolsena.  Lakes were to feature quite regularly during our trip, providing us with a cool place to paddle beneath the warm sun even when we were miles from the sea.


Lake Bolsena

Hunting for treasure on the shores of Lake Bolsena


We visited Lake Bolsena frequently during our stay.  Some days were cloudier than others but every day was a fun visit, full of toe-dipping and beach-combing.


Lake Bolsena 30 April 2013 007

Just messing around in the water!


Lake Bolsena was created after a volcanic caldera collapsed.  There are two islands in the lake, the Bisentina and Martana, which are thought to have been created by underwater eruptions.


Lake Bolsena 30 April 2013 011

Splishing and a-splashing


It lies 13km long by 11km wide, so it’s not a small lake by any means!  It is actually the largest volcanic lake in Europe and the fifth largest in Italy.  We visited the northern part of the lake, driving along the mountains from Orvieto and seeing it come into view as we made the winding journey around and down.


Lake Bolsena 30 April 2013 025

Apparently, sticks are very precious treasures


The water was much clearer than the photographs give it credit for.  The children were quite bemused to see two swans appearing in front of them out of nowhere at one point!


Lake Bolsena 30 April 2013 027

Discussing the art of paddling


The children enjoyed playing on the volcanic black sand that the lake sat upon.  And some of the children enjoyed playing in the volcanic black sand that the lake sat upon!


Lake Bolsena 30 April 2013 028

Or just burying yourself in the black sand is good too


It was so peaceful and quiet.  The lapping of the waves against the tufa rocks would have you believing you were sat by the edge of the ocean.


Lake Bolsena 30 April 2013 023

Joseph feels the breeze in his hair


On clear days the view stretches for miles.  This was the place where Mike said wistfully, ‘I could live somewhere like this.’


Lake Bolsena 30 April 2013 037

And Sid looks pensively out over the water as he stands alone…


Yes.  Yes, so could we.


Lake Bolsena 30 April 2013 035

Well, that didn’t last long, did it Sid?!





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