February 8, 2016

The vital steps to undertake when moving to a bigger property




Your family may be expanding rapidly meaning that you need a larger property to accommodate everyone. Perhaps your eldest no longer wants to share a room with your youngest or maybe you have a baby on the way. Your current property needs to be sold and you need to find somewhere bigger to live but at an affordable price. Here are some steps to take for a less stressful move to your bigger home.

Ensure that your old house will sell

Go around your old house and make a checklist of everything that needs repaired, replaced or adapted. If you have put your own stamp on the décor then you need to make it look as neutral as possible to attract new buyers. Check the front door is in good condition as this is the first thing new buyers will see. Once you have made your list, get quotes from reputable contractors. If you can afford it, make some additions to your kitchen and bathroom to add value to the asking price. The more money you can get for your old home, the more you will be able to put down as a deposit for a bigger home.

Putting your old home on the market

Put your old house on the market in plenty of time before you move. This will also enable you to buy a new home quickly. The asking price of your home may have to be reduced depending on market conditions and this will affect the amount you can reduce your mortgage by when purchasing a bigger home. If you can make any additions to your home then you can increase its value making it easier to afford a deposit on a bigger home. Try to get your house on the market in good time before you even think about putting a deposit on a new home as there may be a deadline in which case your old home may still be on the market by the deadline.

Work within your budget

When moving to a bigger home, keep in mind that you may have to pay higher bills than before. So make sure you factor this in when deciding on your budget. Also think about trying to reduce your bills by looking at different utility providers for your new home. What do you need in a bigger home? If you only need an extra room then look at homes with extra rooms and compare prices. Take the three bigger homes you see with the lowest asking prices and view these. This will give you an idea of what is out there. Think about moving costs. How much are you willing to pay for a removal service? These will all be factors when moving house therefore think about these beforehand.

Try not to jump into a move straight away. Shop around for mortgage providers instead of going with your current provider as there may be better deals out there. Organisation is the key to a less stressful move so make a checklist of everything you will need to do and everything you need to pay for to give yourself a realistic view of the budget you will face.









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