November 27, 2015

How Child Sponsorship Helps Children in Developing Countries


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The situation for children in developing countries is serious. Poverty results in the death of one in three children in their infancy, which makes it even more important to sponsor a child. The act of sponsoring a child is a meaningful and rewarding experience for both the sponsor and the child. It has been proven that child sponsorship programs offer an enormous amount of support for the children as well as their communities.

How Does it Work?

The child sponsorship program works differently depending on the charitable organisation. Usually, the way that it works is that the sponsor will send money to the child or the child’s community every month and the charity organisation will send information about the child to the sponsor. Sometimes the funds are used directly for community development rather than going toward a specific child and other times the funds are directly specifically to a particular family or child. There are also organisations which are in-between, as they might offer updates from a particular child who benefits from a wider community project such as a medical centre or a school.

How does child sponsorship help children in developing countries? It works by not only supporting the child, but also improving the overall community.

Improving Education

Results of numerous studies have shown that children who are sponsored are more likely to stay in school longer than their peers who are not sponsored. They are also more likely to be able to find a job in the future and perhaps even become a leader in their communities. For example, in Uganda a study by the University of San Francisco found that children who were sponsored were 42% more likely to finish their secondary education program and 83% more likely to finish university than those not in the program. As well as providing a child with the essentials that they need to survive, such as clean water, food and healthcare, this education will help them to break out of the cycle of poverty.

Improving Health

Many of the poorest communities in the world don’t have access to clean drinking water and basic healthcare. This can cause widespread disease and can result in needless deaths from common and easily curable ailments. Also, the lack of sanitation and healthy food adds further to the dangerous situation. Your money will go toward improving the health of the community and ensuring that everyone young and old is well nourished and cared for.

Improving the Community

With many charities, the money does not go to the individual child that you sponsor. Instead, it is spread throughout the community so that it can be used to support programmes that benefit everyone as a whole. It is often used to build schools, supply clean water, improve agricultural practices, create medical centres and to support many other important community development practices.

These are just a few of the ways that child sponsorship can help children in developing countries. Contact Plan UK today to find out more about sponsoring children in Africa and across the planet at







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