November 26, 2015

Simple Ways to Cut your Family Energy Bills


Das Energiesparen


If you want to reduce your home energy bills the best step to take is making your home more energy efficient. Luckily there are many things you can do to help save energy and lessen these costs long-term.


Lighting costs can easily be reduced by simply replacing your existing light bulbs with energy saving ones. Just replacing one light Fotolia_32849829_XSbulb in fact would save you a substantial amount of money in the long-term. Another advantage to using energy saving light bulbs is that they last 12 times longer than the ordinary types. It’s also a well-known fact that a lot of electricity is wasted through leaving the lights on when they are not being used. Encourage your kids to turn off their bedroom lights when they leave the room and you will soon see a difference in your bills!


There are a few ways you can effectively heat your house without having to break the bank. Insulating your walls is a good way of preventing the loss of heating in your home and stopping you from turning up the thermostat constantly. Loft and hot water tank Energiewendeinsulation also helps prevent this energy wastage. Another idea is to turn down your thermostat slightly, you will barely notice the change but the difference will make a huge improvement to your heating costs. If you don’t already have a room thermostat it is a good idea to get one installed as this can too save you money over time. Replacing your old boiler for an A-rated high-efficiency condensing boiler will also help cut your bills as much as £300 a year.


It is essential that you get out of the habit of leaving household appliances on standby if you want to make a difference to your energy Power button of a computer, energy savecosts. Instead you should switch appliances like TVs and microwaves off at the plug. When it comes to buying new white goods, go for ones that hold an ‘A’ rating for efficiency. ‘A rated’ electrical goods will release as little heat as possible therefore saving you energy. An electricity monitor is also helpful for monitoring the amount of electricity you are using and making you more aware.

Whether you’re strapped for cash or fortunate enough to be entitled to a RIFT tax refund, there are so many changes we can make to save money in our homes. Get the whole family involved and over time you will be reaping the benefits!


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