November 30, 2015

How to save enough for a holiday by summer 2013


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The summer is coming; the daffodils have shaken off the snow and flowering into bloom.  The sound of lawn mowers fills the air and complaints of hay fever are started to be whispered in the playground.  Fast on the heels of summer are the six week holidays, where parents of large and small families look to keep their children entertained whilst also managing their normal daily working life.

There is no better way to keep the family happy then whisking them away on a summer break, but with a recession not quite over, a struggling economy and the costs of a spell away many families see this as an unreachable dream.

However booking a cheap summer holiday needn’t be merely a desire; by changing your expectations, tightening your belt in some areas and being sensible in others, a holiday for summer 2013 may be well within your grasp.

First thing first, consider location; UK breaks are often cheaper than a flight abroad and the UK has a lot to offer as a vacation spot.  With beautiful Cornish beaches, intriguing cities, impressive peaks and leafy valleys, you can find something to suit every type of family.  The weather is not always guaranteed but the UK is a country that is drenched in history and culture, so if the weather lets you down you can always find an exciting day trip nearby.

If the lure of overseas is too loud to ignore consider your options carefully and look at where you can compromise.  A family of five may desire a two bedroom apartment but would find settling for a one bedroom apartment much easier on the purse strings.

To try and source those extra pennies look around the home – what has been sitting idle for months, what can you live without?  Bundle up those items and head to the Internet or to a local car boot sale.  Remember your unwanted goods can be another families new treasures.  eBay is a great way to make some extra cash and car boots can be a great day out for the family as well as an economic saving.

Switch your bank account; many people stay with their bank account for years and the finance industry does not reward loyalty.  Many building societies and banks offer cash incentives to join them, some up to £150 – this can be a quick and easy way to kick start those savings.

Leave the car at home; fuel prices are excessive, so by using a more eco friendly mode of transport such as your feet or a bike you can really save some decent funds in a very short space of time.

Meal plan. It sounds a little bit overly practical but it is really effective way to reduce your monthly shopping bill.  By only buying what you plan to eat you will shave pounds off your checkout total and probably eat healthier as well so your body will naturally start to get ready for the beach!

Author: Jane Blackmore is a freelance writer, editor and blogger who enjoys relaxing whilst the kids are having fun, ideally with a G&T in hand and a copy of the latest novel to hit the best seller list.









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