November 26, 2015

5 Simple Ways to Make Extra Money


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With the cost of living rising and our earnings not going as far as they used to, the opportunity to make a little more money is always welcome.  This doesn’t necessarily mean finding a second job but can be done by making small lifestyle changes or using what you already have.

Here are five ideas which can help you add a little more cash to the household income:


1.      Use your skills to sell a product or service:

Do you have a skill you can use to bring in extra money?  Perhaps you can make things?  Or maybe you are a great seamstress?  Can you play the piano or speak a language?  How about using these skills to produce products to sell?  Alternatively, you can pass on your knowledge by tutoring others.  Create a list of any skills you have, then write up a further list for each one specifying the different ways you can use them.  You’ll probably be surprised at how much you have to offer!


2.      Clear out the clutter and sell it online 

So many of us accumulate so many things that we don’t even use.  Are you guilty of never wearing that must-have dress you bought?  Or what about those shoes that looked great in the sale but you never got around to wearing?  From the clothes you never wore, or parcels boxes with kraft paper, isolated on whiteeven those you did but don’t any more even though they are still in great condition, to old CDs, DVDs, toys or books, you can make a nice bit of extra money by selling them online.  Take advantage of one of eBay’s regular cheap listing days, and don’t forget to factor in postage and packing costs.  Royal Mail offers sellers a variety of eBay delivery options suitable for anything you may want to send to a buyer, enabling you to work out costs to include in your listing.


3.      Car boot the rest             

Once you’ve sold the main stuff you may find there are still some odd bits and pieces that are too good to throw away but not worth listing online.  Take advantage of the good weather during the summer months to book a car boot saleFor a small fee you can set up a table to get rid of the rest of the clutter.  Get there early though, and take a flask of tea or coffee with you – you don’t want to waste anything you make on the snack bar!


4.      Be careful what you wish for, or rather, what you buy    

You’ve seen something that you really, really want and you have the money to buy it.  Don’t.  No, I don’t mean don’t ever buy it.  Just walk away for now and give yourself some time to think about it.  Make a new rule that you won’t buy anything without giving yourself at least 48 hours to think about whether you really do want it or are just getting it on a whim.  Chances are you’ll change your mind.  Every time you do change your mind about a spontaneous purchase put the money into a money box or jar at home.  At the end of each month or two count it up.  You’ll probably be surprised at how much you’ve managed to save just by putting off a purchase, and then changing your mind.


 5.      Cut down the treats

Making small changes to treats can make a big difference to your budget.  For example, if your family likes a takeaway treat once a week, try cutting it down to once a fortnight instead for three months.  Put the amount you would normally spend on the alternate weeks into your jar or money box, then count it up at the end of the three months.  Once again you’ll be surprised at just how much mounts up at the end of such a short period.


Remember, making the most of money isn’t just about how much you earn but also about how much you spend.  After all, a penny saved is worth more than a penny earned – you don’t have to worry about being taxed on it!

What quick and easy tips would you give for creating a little extra income?









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