November 27, 2015

How to ensure your child is well-rounded



Being a well-rounded individual is something that is often undervalued by an individual themselves, but is actually a characteristic that is considered very important by society and one’s peers.  An individual who shows they have more ‘strings to their bow’ is likely to have more friends, better relationships, higher levels of confidence, and see greater success in the job market. All of which contribute to increasing ones overall level of happiness.

So how can somebody become well- rounded? First of all, such a change is much easier to achieve for those that are young.  For example, we know it is harder to teach a 50 year old man how to play basketball, yet a young child will pick up the necessary motor skills far quicker. This all ties in with the view that you ‘can’t reach an old dog new tricks’.

Therefore, when you have the chance, give your child the opportunity to be involved in a wide variety of  experiences, as this will achieve that ‘ well rounded ‘ status that you are in search of. The four main areas I’d suggest would be travel, peers, education and activities. Meeting people is the key, an aspect that these areas all have in common.



Travelling enables an individual to learn about new cultures, and see how other people live. For example when visiting places like Thailand you see what hard work really means. In this country we believe 9-5 is ‘hard work’. However it is not uncommon to see employees sleeping on the floor behind work desks whilst another colleague works in South East Asia.


Social groups

Joining social groups and committees is also a good idea. The conversations that occur in and amongst tight knit groups allow for the expression of opinion, and it is like getting a lesson on other people’s brains and their thought processes. This can help improve upon a standard education, and allow for a more creative outlook on life and problem solving. Just as much can be learnt from people outside of the classroom as can be learnt from a book inside one.



Finally, and perhaps most importantly, make sure your children take part in different activities. Whether it is a local sports team or music lessons, hobbies can lead to the child earning greater levels of respect from his or her peers. These aren’t the only positives, things like health benefits, and the opportunity to build up leadership capabilities and communication skills will all help your child become more well rounded. This aspect of a child’s life can induce a transformation into an extrovert, a characteristic that has been proven to lead to more success across many sectors of the labour market.

Online tutors provide a link between a tutor and a tutee, in the same way eBay does a buyer and a seller. Information is readily available for each party, so compatibility is always made possible from the wide range of tutors available. Sites can also be used for those pursuing tutoring of an academic nature. Such a style of learning means the child has tailor made lessons that are far more productive and specific than a standard classroom lesson. Investing a little into your child’s welfare is essential, and as a collective you will reap both tangible and non-tangible gains. The experiences are likely to make your child financially better off, whilst also experiencing a more well rounded, happy life.










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