August 28, 2014

Save money with Pinching-Pennies (and win a £100 Amazon voucher too!)



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If you are a follower of our Larger Family Life Facebook page or Twitter feed you would be forgiven for thinking that all I have been doing lately is eating great food, scoffing ice-cream, visiting stunning beaches and sunning myself.

Whilst I admit that there has been a fair bit of all that going on, I would like to state that I have been doing the odd bit of work here and there too.  Actually, quite a bit of it – especially on the stormy, rainy days like today.

One thing I have been working on is our brand new site.  We came to realise a while back that the moneysaving section of Larger Family Life was one of the most popular and most widely read, so we considered creating a new moneysaving site which was completely independent of LFL.

We wanted somewhere we could share ideas, swap tips, ask questions and help others.

And so we created Pinching-Pennies - a place where we could all do just that.

So please do go and visit, and take a look around.  There are already some articles on there, as well as some reader questions waiting for your tips and advice.  You can ask your own questions by emailing

Oh, and there is also a chance to win a £100 gift card from Amazon!

Pop over to now and share your moneysaving tips, and learn a few new ones too!


  1. happyhomebird says:

    What a great idea, I love finding new ways of saving money. Heading over now….

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