November 26, 2015

Where would YOU invest £10,000?


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What would you do if someone handed you £10,000? Spend it? Share it? Save it?

If you really want to make the most of it, the answer is probably none of the above.

We spend our lives earning money and yet there are times in your life when money finds you. It could be a win on a scratchcard; it might compensation from an accident you were involved in; or perhaps a loved one left you a lump sum in their will.
If you’re not used to dealing with five-figure sums, it’s natural to panic and squirrel it away but what are you options?


The property market has seen better days but if you know where to look, there are still great investment opportunities. With increasing numbers of repossessions and the buoyant rental market, there are bargains around. Choose your area carefully though, because that’s about the only thing you can’t change. With the right funding, you can turn a hovel into a palace and there’s still big bucks to be made, even in less affluent geographical locations.

Put it in the bank

Very few savings accounts make your investment worthwhile at the moment, but ISAs and the like are definitely worth considering. They’re designed for small-time investment and you get the benefits of tax relief but there are all kinds of different products from all the leading banks, both high-street and online, and if you’re investing four or five figures, you should spend some time scouring the deals on offer. The price comparison websites are a good place to start.

Business Angel

You could decide to use your money to help a fledgling business get off the ground. This can be a particularly rewarding way of making money from your lump sum. If you pick the right start-up and strike the right deal, the returns can be fantastic. Just remember – some of the world’s largest companies started off in someone’s kitchen.

Stock market

This is where the serious investors make their money. It’s not essential that you have a broker, but dabbling in companies and deals that you know little of can be a little like walking into the casino with a suitcase full of £50 notes.

Classic Cars

This is one for specialists though. Keeping the right car for decades is a sure-fire way of making money and you’ll need to incorporate appropriate storage and insurance costs into your planning. If you want to make a quick return on your investment, you really do need to know what the people on millionaire’s row would like to add to their collection and where you can find one cheap!


This post was written by Susie Francis a content writer for Sell Pension, the leading Pensions Experts. You can visit the site here for some helpful advice. When Susie isn’t spreading her financial advice she enjoys reading about it!







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