November 30, 2015

Taking control of the dining room and its space


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There are plenty of times when you might feel that the restrictions of your home are against you, especially if you’re in a situation where there are numerous people requiring your immediate attention. In the family home, this is usually at times when serving food is involved, and although you are performing to your maximum capabilities, the space you have to work with isn’t helping.

This “space” often happens to be the dining room, a place that needs to be as accessible as possible in regards to the dining table and the room’s perimeter, especially when there are plenty of little ones about.

With everybody in one room, this space can easily shrivel and make you feel like the room is half its size. There are, however, a few tips that can be implemented to ensure the most is made from your dining room and that order can be kept easily.

  • Colour is key to any room and the dining room is no different. The palette needs to be nice and light to give an airy feel to the space, whilst any points of focus need to be highlighted with contrasting colours. Your dining room furniture will need to complement this and elements such as dining chair seating pads should not clash with the walls.
  • You can help give the illusion of more space with the use of mirrors, and using at least two can feel like the room has opened up.
  • Take any opportunities to ensure the window areas are as large as possible to let in natural light and also to make it feel like the room is more expansive with the added element of the outdoors seeping through.
  • Artificial lighting will ensure that the room not only looks good at night, but also spacious. A modest lighting fixture will make sure that the ceiling space isn’t swallowed by a large chandelier or an extensive light fitting that also wouldn’t attract too much attention.
  • Possibly the most important fixture in any dining room is its furniture. Those looking to maximise space should choose a round table to make the room as large as possible and one that would also allow you to squeeze as many people on as you could.
  • Dining room chairs should have delicate lines, and choosing ones without arms will enable easier accessibility when getting up and down from them.

Hopefully these tips will ensure that breakfast and dinner times are much less of a frenzied event and more like a family get together, as well as allowing for the dining room to be utilised to its fullest extent.












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