November 25, 2015

Don’t Let a New Baby Wreck Your Green Lifestyle




It is a great feeling when a new baby joins the family but you will also be left with the feeling that things won’t ever the same again.

If you are working on living in an environmentally friendly kind of way then you might think that the arrival of the little one could cause you some problems in this respect. However, if you go about things in the right way and do some research then it doesn’t have to wreck your green lifestyle at all.

Get the Right Nappies

One of the first issues environmentally aware parents need to think of is their choice of nappy. There is no denying that using the disposable type makes it easier for hard worked new parents but there is an environmental price to pay for this. A disposable nappy takes centuries to break down in a landfill site and your baby will go through thousands of them in their first few years. If we add in the cost factor it is clear that spending a bit of time on washing dirty nappies is the right choice.

Be Sensible with the Food

Once your little one starts eating you have another choice to make. Do you buy them jars of baby food or give them homemade meals?  The baby food idea is fine for times when you can’t cook but you should really think about making homemade food the basis of their diet. This is the healthiest option and it is also greener too.

Pick Green Toys

There are lots of cheap plastic toys around these days but do you really want these for your baby. Natural wooden toys are fantastic for little ones and anything you can do to encourage them to play with educational toys has got to be a good thing. A lot of parents go for second hand toys as their kids get older and stop sticking everything in their mouths. You might even decide to look out a few of your old toys to see if there is anything you can pass onto them.

Get Them Involved with Nature

It is never too early to get your child involved with nature. It is sad to see that many youngsters grow up not even knowing the names of different vegetable or plants. A good start in this respect can be made by giving them healthy food and explaining what the different vegetables are called. You can also make sure that you spend time with them in the countryside, taking a picnic or just simply strolling through the greenery. This kind of connection with nature can last them a lifetime if you nurture it correctly and keep on encouraging it in different ways.

Get the Basics Right

Finally, we can’t forget to cover all of the basics every parent needs to get right. This means having a warm, safe home with plenty of hot water and nothing which could harm the little one. There are green ways of doing this too, with things solar panels, new energy efficient boiler and organic products likely to be high on your to-do list.




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