July 23, 2016

Home education: The main information in one place


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When we knew 16 Kids and Counting wanted to follow the home educating aspect of our life I felt quite apprehensive.  Well, I felt apprehensive in general, but felt so with regards to home ed as I wanted to do it the justice it deserved and I didn’t feel ’15 Kids…’ did that.

I’m thrilled to say that it seems 16 Kids and Counting has helped desperate parents realise that there is an alternative.

Long-time readers know that I have talked in some detail regarding home education, including our reasons why we chose to home educate, our opinions on why the school system isn’t working, and proof on how children are still learning even when it isn’t within the traditional classroom environment – maybe more so.

I braced myself before the programme aired last night but was unprepared for the sheer volume of emails and messages from worried parents, concerned that their children were being failed by the system either academically or through bullying – or even a combination of the two.

I have had so many that it might take a while to reply to them all so I thought I’d round up the main posts I’ve written and put them here:

I’ve written quite a few posts on different issues to do with home educating. Here are a few you might find useful:


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10 Myths of Home Education

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Home educating older children when you have younger children too

Remove educational boundaries, encourage creativity and watch children soar


If you have any questions that aren’t covered please let me know either in the comments below (you need to sign up to be a member of the site which you can do here) or by emailing family@largerfamilylife.com.  We might not know the answers to your questions ourselves but we’ll try to find someone who can help you.

Finally, here is a response I sent to someone asking about home educating earlier today which I think sums up the feelings of many home educators:


The problem is that if a school tells your child they are a failure then your child will carry that through life. They will not tell your child that his strengths lie elsewhere, that their school objectives will change and move according to what a government official states, but that he has his own strengths, abilities and talents. All your child will remember is being told they have failed. That’s a heavy burden.
















  1. Watching the show has helped to make my mind up on home education… I have had so many negative responses from friends about us wanting to pull our 8 and 4 year old out of school.. But the positives I have seen and also read about really out-wiegh them! I don’t want my kids to become mind numb robots and feel pressured into this or that, I want them to find themselves and know what they want when and how they want too. I think we are going to be going along the lines of “unschooling” Letting them learn what they are interested in and at their own pace..


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