November 27, 2015

Who to Become Today: Some Girly Options for Face Painting


Beautiful bright eye shadows isolated on white


When it comes to face painting, there are no limits. Having done professional face painting at fairs, children’s imagination on what or who to become is unlimited, but also takes the longest in the whole process.

One thing I have noticed during my works is that a fairly common request is for a fairy princess design.


fairy princess face paints


For this and other designs, Snazaroo provides a beginners guide which is really simple. It explains every step and once you had a few practice runs it will only take a few minutes to make your kid happy.

This Angel design is a nice choice for the Christmas time. You can adapt the design for your own little angel. You can change the colour and length of the hair and use your child’s favourite colour instead of the pink edging. It will surely become a festive favourite!


angel face paint design


For more fun face paint ideas for girls check the Snazaroo website. Each guide comes with a list of the paints needed to create the look, which you can buy from their website really easily.

And there is no thing I have learnt during all my face painting work: little girls are as likely to want to be painted as a princess for a day as they are a pirate – the most fun is to be had when the child gets to decide who they want to be for a few hours.






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