16 Kids and Counting: We’re on tonight!

vector  retro tv set


vector  retro tv set



We have now seen the final edits of both the episodes of 16 Kids and Counting in which we feature and really, we’re very pleased with the outcome!

I obviously can’t let too much on but it’s fun, light-hearted and there are a fair few fun moments.  There is so much which didn’t make the final cut but with such limits on time you can’t expect to have full and unrestricted footage of all the filming the crew did over the last six months.  Add to that my ability to talk and talk and talk and you have even more filming for the poor editing team to plough their way through. You can almost feel the nervous anticipation they must have had when they were deciding who drew the short straw to edit my interviews!

Anyway, some will like it and some won’t.  That’s life, I guess.  Though having said that it would be nice if everyone loved it!

In the meantime I’m wondering how many of our tongue-in-cheek comments will be taken literally by viewers, how many of our regular readers will get our somewhat dry sense of humour and, mostly, I’m waiting to see if #OMGtheyvegot12kidsandawhitesofa will be trending on Twitter tonight!

Episode 2 of 16 Kids and Counting airs on Channel 4 tonight at 9pm and features us (the Sullivans) along with the Salims.

We hope you enjoy it!



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10 thoughts on “16 Kids and Counting: We’re on tonight!

  1. I loved the episode. It was certainly a positive look at your family and it was fab seeing you all!

    I was listening to some mums chatting in the school yard and the general opinion was how well behaved your children were and how great you looked. Its nice hearing positive comments, because usually big families come in for a bashing when these type of programmes air.
    I did hear some mixed opinions on the other family in this weeks episode.. I loved them too though. Utter chaos and madness but all of the kids were happy and lively which was nice to see.

    Well done to you all

    K x

  2. I thought it was fantastic, you’ve inspired me to continue having more children :) I always worry that we won’t be able to manage (mostly financially) but after watching your wonderful family I decided we’ll give it our best shot and we’ll find a way :) Your children are such a credit to you, I thought your family were wonderful.

    Emma xx

    1. You always manage to find a way. When I was working three jobs I would never have voluntarily given up my evening/weekend office job – thinking we’d never survive on Mike’s job and my two remaining ones. Being made redundant was the best thing that could have happened. We might have had to re-think our priorities but it made us think of everything differently – money, how we lived and most of all, family.

  3. So we can all blame Tania for our every growing broods!

    I agree about finances. I have worked evenings and weekends for the last 10 years ( since having DS1) and being made redundant allowed me to become a full time SAHM. DH is self employed and it made him more assertive and more determined in his job to boost his earnings.
    I quite enjoy finding ways to save money too!

    K x

  4. Hey Tania,
    Hello!!, I have been wanting to message you ever since seeing you on ’16 Kids and Counting’ and when you said you ran a website for BIG families, although I felt a little misplaced!!! ha ha (not out of place though) :D because I’M AN ONLY CHILD!! ha ha. But although I really did love it to see the opposite was really interesting too!. I have an illness sadly :( but,despite problems, my dream is to adopt and after having your last baby you said “things just carry on as normal”, I said to my Mum, “well I’m not at all worried about adopting now-things will just carry on as normal”!! ha ha :D so will NEVER forget that one, but it’s amazing how it does. My close friend has 5 and she said it does and she finds humour in most of it!! ha ha :D. I think you have to do that in most situations in life don’t you?. LOVED your Daughter-Caitlin btw, she’s amazing!. As for the other families, the Salims!! ha ha, they should have their own show!!, he’s funny (and I believe an only child…like me). It’s good is being an only child but the one thing you are always looking out for is new friends. My Mum brought me up alone after my Dad walked out and sadly it all came out about my illness but we’re close. I have a puppet (Clifford) and he’s just amazing!!, My Mum got him for my 1st Birthday and we’ve been inseparable ever since!. Always did things together, trips out, watched t.v., played Ludo (he was always green!) :D, I always think you should make the best of whatever position you’re in. I wouldn’t have changed it for anything but there again bet your children wouldn’t either. You do amazing, you really do. My Mum also felt an affinity with you about not being close to your Brother, long story…….. So sorry to hear that but you have your own very strong (and close) family. I’ll give you my email address shameme.adams@gmail.com and feel free to email me anytime. I know you have enough company! and it’s o,k if you don’t!!.

    Anyway just wanted to say hello and introduce
    myself. All the very best and love to the family.

    Shameme x

  5. I think you are completely irresponsible! The number of cesarean sections you have had puts your life and baby at significant risk, it shows a complete ignorance of (and arrogance towards) medical advice! How are your children going to integrate into society? Are you planning on home University?

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