November 29, 2015

Hello to all our new visitors – here are some answers to your questions



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Due to an increase in visitors following media coverage, I thought it would be nice to once again gather the answer to any of the most frequently asked questions here, so we have revised and re-published it.  

There is also an FAQ tab at the top of the site along the menu bar which links to some articles (including addressing the overpopulation debate, my non-existent pregnancy health issues, a breakdown and explanation on how home educators save other taxpayers money, and information on how we support our family) but if you don’t have time to click there I’ve highlighted the most often discussed matters and linked directly to them below.


… I’d firstly like to say hello to all visitors to this website.

Hello and thank you for visiting.

For those of you who saw 15 Kids and Counting and aren’t aware of how editing plays a big part in the shows you see you really need to read The Truth About 15 Kids and Counting.  I was never ill, our lives were never in danger and there was never a risk of any of us dying.  This is backed up in the twin pregnancy diary I kept online on this website which is still available for you to read.  It was also published in paperback a month before the programme aired, and you can see for yourself that my pregnancy was nothing like it was portrayed in the programme.  In fact, now might be a good time to plug our books!  If you would like to buy our books Larger Family Life or Twin Pregnancy Diary you can find both on Amazon in paperback and on Kindle.

After much reassurance from the producers that this would not happen again, we agreed to participate in the new series of 16 Kids and Counting and our family will be featured in episodes 2 and 3 airing on March 12th and 19th at 9pm on Channel 4.

If you have concerns regarding us home educating our children, please let me reassure you that you have nothing to worry about.  We look back on four years of home education during which time our local education authority has ranked at the very bottom of the tables throughout the country whilst our children have thrived – our 13 year old is now doing her GCSEs a year earlier than she would have done.  We explain why the education system isn’t working and we also provide an example of how well a child can do when they are encouraged to be creative and to learn about the things they love.  Education should be more than the ability to remember facts and passing tests.

The greatest concern is usually about socialisation and home education so I have addressed that in detail here.   I have given some insight in how we home educate the older children with younger ones around, and if you are one of those who have been busy calculating how much our family is costing you in taxes you really ought to read Why home educators are doing other taxpayers a favour.  Ironically, it turns out you might owe us money!

Our family works because we work as a team, my husband and I.  I couldn’t do it without Mike, he is my strength and my support – a wonderful husband and a fabulous father.  Whilst I’m incredibily lucky to have him, he very probably drew the short straw with me! I’ve been quite frank and honest in my many faults and explained why SuperMum doesn’t live here.

Next I’d like to say that if you are in or around London or the South East and need any carpentry or joinery work done (kitchens, furniture, staircases, animal housing, windows, doors and more) please visit our family business or email

If you would like to order a custom quilt as a gift for someone special please see some designs at our other site or email me at We can make other designs so if you don’t see what you want there get in touch and tell us the kind of thing you’d like.

If you would like to advertise, feature an advertorial, have a sponsored post written/featured, run a competition or review or would like to work with our website Larger Family Life please see this page for Advertisers/PRs or email  We offer copywriting and freelance writing services too.  Please do get in touch.

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If you feel you’d like to visit again please do become a member of our site and join in!  By doing so you’ll also be able to join in our forums as well as entering our monthly competitions.

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Forgive me for touting our businesses but you know how it is… we have to pay for all these kids somehow!


  1. Anya from Older Single Mum and The Healer says:

    A brilliant welcome Tania. Hope you get bundles of new fans and tons more business to support your choices. You’re a great advocate for larger families. You really opened my eyes and heart to the concept and am glad to have met you and know you as the kind, honest, intelligent and decent person you are.:)

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