November 30, 2015

Gender neutral toys – a great idea for large families


Playing children


Finding the right toys for children in a growing family can be an expensive affair. Parents are often torn between wanting the perfect play thing for each child and keeping an eye on the budget as well. But with a little research and planning, it’s easy to cater to the demands of different age groups and sexes without breaking the bank.

One cost-effective way of doing this is to opt for gender-neutral toys which can be enjoyed by boys and girls in the family. Argos sell a range of toys that can offer endless hours of fun to both sexes.

Early learning

Toys that can both teach and entertain are especially popular with parents. Argos provide Chad Valley toys including playsets such as supermarket cash registers, mini-kitchens and doctor sets, that can help young children learn about the adult world. These toys are just as appealing to both girls and boys and can introduce youngsters to grown up concepts such as money, cookery and medical care, all in a fun way.


The newest generation of interactive toys come with a range of exciting features that can help children’s development. Furby the electronic pet robot, is programmed to replicate the process of learning English. Furbies start out speaking only Furbish, but gradually increase their English vocabulary through interaction with their owners. They also have different moods and personalities, and respond to touch and music. These furry electronic pets can be the perfect playmate to boys and girls alike. Another interactive toy that can create an immersive experience for both sexes is the Innotab 2. This learning tablet features an interactive touch screen and built-in camera and can help develop children’s reading, spelling, numerical and creative skills.


Getting children away from the TV screen and into the great outdoors is always a bit of a challenge. But with the right toys, kids can actually enjoy their time outside. Zipping around on a trendy scooter at the skate park is always a popular pastime. Parents can choose a scooter model that is gender-neutral and can be passed down from older to younger siblings. Another outdoor toy that is guaranteed to give hours of fun to boys and girls is a trampoline. Children can burn off all that excess energy while practicing their balance and co-ordination. It’s also a  toy that’s ideal for group play.


Most parents are keen for their children to start learning a musical instrument at school. Musical toys can be a great way to spark the little ones’ interest at home. A state-of-the art toy keyboard or electronic guitar can be just the thing to get the kids started on their musical journey. Many models now come with demo songs as well as instrument and rhythm sound effects for that professional touch.

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