16 Kids and Counting: The series begins tonight

vector  retro tv set


vector  retro tv set


The seven-part series of 16 Kids and Counting kicks off tonight with the Radford family and the Salim family.  I am sure that after the success of the first series, and the one-off  special about the Radfords earlier this year, that it will be a ratings hit despite scheduling having it running against the football.

I saw the programme synopsis of Episode 2 of 16 Kids and Counting yesterday, which is the first episode in which our family features (alongside the Salims).  I wasn’t impressed at all with the billing as it felt they were trying to portray us as religious zealots intent on isolating our children from everyone and everything for the purpose of indoctrination, and there was an interesting discussion over on the Larger Family Life Facebook page where I voiced our concerns.  Paranoia on my part or am I simply being reasonably wary given what happened before?

We still haven’t seen the final edit so have no idea how the programme has been created, whether it has the ‘gritty’ feel of the first series or the more light-hearted approach taken in the Radford family’s 16 Kids and Counting special.  I emailed the executive producer and told her of my fears, and she replied with the confident reassurance that we would be happy with both episodes, and that she’ll be coming over tomorrow afternoon to show us.  She also said that she would ask C4 to change the billing, as I had pointed out that religion had nothing to do with our plans for self-sufficiency so I didn’t feel it was relevant to be included.  To say I am nervous is an understatement!

Time will tell but for now, with a knot in the pit of my stomach, I shall continue to brace myself.

16 Kids and Counting airs tonight on Channel 4 at 9pm.

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