October 8, 2015

Camping fun with Casey Camper Van!

casey camper van


Casey Camper Van from WOW Toys is the toy that every little boy and girl will love! Not only do you get Casey, but also his friends Pete and Lilly, and Sammy the dog. Of course, Sammy must have his removable dog basket and feeding bowl, so they are included too. Also included are two luggage items and a removable picnic table. All nine pieces for a RRP of £24.99!

Maybe your child likes to pretend they he is going camping, crouched under pillows and blankets as a make-do tent. Or perhaps he just likes to make his toys go on holiday instead. Casey Camper Van would work as an amazing mode of transport to get over to his ‘campsite’! Your child will love everything, from the bright colours to the accessories.

The fact that it doesn’t use batteries and that it is already assembled is a plus side. There are many features that will make your child even more eager to play than they already are. These include the realistic motor sounds, a roof which opens to reveal a decorated interior, removable items and figures, opening front cab at the front, and a tailgate at the back.

Within minutes of seeing the toy, the younger ones were all crowded around it, taking turns pushing it around and planning holidays for their toys. They’ve been able to play both together and alone, and have not had to argue because there weren’t enough pieces for everyone to play with.

You can follow WOW Toys on Twitter and like their page on Facebook, and visit their website here. Casey the Camper Van is also available at Amazon with free delivery included.

Larger Family Life and WOW Toys have teamed up; click here for a chance to win your very own Casey Camper Van (RRP £24.99)!




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