June 25, 2016

16 Kids and Counting: You know how I said filming was over?



Movie composition. Vintage camera, reel and clapperboard.


How I said it twice, in fact - here and here. 

It turns out I lied.

We had a call a couple of days ago asking if we’d mind doing a couple more interviews.  It seems my apprehension and mistrust might have come across as I’d feared, and so they asked if I’d mind going over some questions again since I’ve relaxed a great deal since then.

I was quite happy to have the opportunity to re-shoot.  The problem is I’ve come down with a full blown cold.  My head is foggy, my throast is itchy, my nose is redder than Rudolph could ever hope his to be and my lips are sore.

But with time not being on our side at all – I believe airing could be much sooner than we anticipated – I couldn’t very well ask them to delay it.  This happened during filming last time and, much to my dismay, people didn’t realise I had a cold and made references to how ‘dim’ I sounded.

Or maybe I just sound dim.

Anyway, your choice is: me narky and untrusting, answering questions with suspicion or me dopey sounding and dopey looking, and also quite unattractive (not too much different to usual, actually) to boot.

One of these will be hitting a screen in your home soon!






  1. […] Yesterday’s filming seemed to go well despite my cold.  I know that I’m sounding very bunged up when answering questions during my interview and can only hope that any of the better answers, or at leastwhat the editing team might consider interesting enough to include, were given when I was a little less congested.  Hopefully there will be no footage included of me coughing, spluttering or sneezing into the camera.  Apologies to the camera and sound guy who had to endure it, and also to the rest of the team who will no doubt be struck by my germs. […]

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