December 1, 2015

Do family-friendly cruises exist?




If you have a family, going on holiday can quickly become a bit of a palaver. You’ll need to find a holiday that everyone will enjoy, as well as opting for a break that is completely family-friendly. This is to ensure you’ll be able to use facilities and equipment for kids, and that your family will be safe throughout the break.

Contrary to popular opinion, cruises are actually very family-friendly. There are numerous entertainment options for kids on board cruise ships, and all ages are usually welcome.

To give you a better understanding of how children and teenagers can enjoy cruises, here’s a breakdown of the kinds of facilities cruise ships may have:


1)      Babysitting services

Parents enjoying a cruise will undoubtedly want some peace and quiet at least once during their holiday. Thankfully, cruise lines often offer babysitting services that you can make use of in order to get some free time. You might even be able to find evening or night-time babysitters that will look after your kids while you enjoy a meal with your partner or a night out at the many bars and clubs on board.


2)      Youth clubs

Older kids will love the youth clubs on board cruise ships, where they can hang out with children around the same age and play with lots of toys and games. There are usually clubs for those from the ages of 5 and up, with each age group having their own club to go to. Even teenagers will be able to relax at their own youth club.


3)      Nurseries

Those with kids under the age of two can usually take them to on board nurseries. A lot of these play centres for toddlers are parent-supervised, although there are still professionally trained personnel available. This means you stay and play with your child, which can make for a great bonding opportunity.


There will also be special activities just for kids on your chosen cruise, so everyone can enjoy some amazing experiences while on holiday.


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