April 19, 2015

How looking back helps us to look forward

New Life

    Mike and I have dreamed for years about one day moving to a home with a little land enabling us to be as self-sufficient as we can be.  Everything we work for is with this goal in mind yet we sometimes wonder if we’ll ever make it. Then I stop to think about […]

Barcodes and smartphones can contribute to your child’s health and safety


The combination of smartphones and barcode readers has revolutionised the way parents can look after the health and safety of their child, particularly when it comes to food. Here are some of the stand-out ideas that can protect your child, as well as saving you time and making your life easier.  Food safety apps The […]

Make the most of your children’s unused possessions

spielsteine mit spielauto

      When it comes to your offspring finally flying the nest and moving away to College and their first steps of their journey towards independence it is often the way that you will be left with what feels like an empty void in your lives. This can be followed by the realisation that […]

Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day


      Are you having trouble looking for perfect gifts to give your mother for Mother’s Day? Why don’t you go to Bradford exchange and look at the website’s selection of possible gift ideas for Mother’s Day. The website even has a nice assortment of jewelries in the form of rings, necklaces, earrings, and […]

Our Big Family Road Trip: Let the preparations begin (aka: Screw it! Just do it!)

Road Trip Map

    As the start date of our big family road trip nears, so does the need to get prepared.  Packing for 2 parents and 12 children is no mean feat for a week away.  Packing for 2 parents and 10 children for nine weeks on the road (the oldest two kids are not joining […]

Expat education: your choices for your children


        Working and living abroad throws up many issues for families not least of which is the question of what kind of schooling is best for your children. Do you need them to follow a British curriculum? Are you happy for them to board at one of the many UK boarding schools? […]

16 Kids and Counting – The new series is coming soon!

Sullivan family

Yesterday’s filming seemed to go well despite my cold.  I know that I’m sounding very bunged up when answering questions during my interview and can only hope that any of the better answers, or at leastwhat the editing team might consider interesting enough to include, were given when I was a little less congested.  Hopefully […]

Binge Eating Disorder Calls for Mental Health Support

      Everybody overeats occasionally, but compulsive overeating, also known as binge eating disorder, requires long-term mental health support. The reasons for compulsive binge eating are complex. Sometimes people who are coping with prolonged stress, anxiety, or depression use binge eating as a coping mechanism. Binge eating is similar to bulimia, except that binge […]

5 Interesting Electricity Facts


(Guest Post)     There is no doubt that many people, individual and in business as well are making use of electricity today. This shows that the applications and demand for electricity has been on the rise. In that case, if you are in need of electrical services, you can rest assured that you will […]

16 Kids and Counting: You know how I said filming was over?

Movie composition. Vintage camera, reel and clapperboard.

      How I said it twice, in fact – here and here.  It turns out I lied. We had a call a couple of days ago asking if we’d mind doing a couple more interviews.  It seems my apprehension and mistrust might have come across as I’d feared, and so they asked if […]

Orphans in Africa – What problems do they face?


          The ongoing devastation caused by the AIDS virus means that up to 15 million children around the world have been left orphaned. More alarmingly, around 12 million of these children live in Africa. Here, we consider the particular problems facing this generation as they are forced to form new family […]

Top 6 Super Foods for Healthy Hair

Variety of Fresh Vegetables

      The food that we eat plays a very important role in our body’s health. Fruit and vegetables provide several nutritional and health benefits, as studies have shown that they can lower the risk of heart disease and some cancers. Likewise, starchy foods like potatoes, pasta and bread should make up one third […]

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