How looking back helps us to look forward

New Life

    Mike and I have dreamed for years about one day moving to a home with a little land enabling us to be as self-sufficient as we can be.  Everything we work for is with this goal in mind yet we sometimes wonder if we’ll ever make it. Then I stop to think about… Read More

Our Big Family Road Trip: Let the preparations begin (aka: Screw it! Just do it!)

Road Trip Map

    As the start date of our big family road trip nears, so does the need to get prepared.  Packing for 2 parents and 12 children is no mean feat for a week away.  Packing for 2 parents and 10 children for nine weeks on the road (the oldest two kids are not joining… Read More

16 Kids and Counting – The new series is coming soon!

Sullivan large family album

Yesterday’s filming seemed to go well despite my cold.  I know that I’m sounding very bunged up when answering questions during my interview and can only hope that any of the better answers, or at leastwhat the editing team might consider interesting enough to include, were given when I was a little less congested.  Hopefully… Read More

16 Kids and Counting: You know how I said filming was over?

Movie composition. Vintage camera, reel and clapperboard.

      How I said it twice, in fact – here and here.  It turns out I lied. We had a call a couple of days ago asking if we’d mind doing a couple more interviews.  It seems my apprehension and mistrust might have come across as I’d feared, and so they asked if… Read More

Remove educational boundaries, encourage creativity and watch children soar


    Eight-year-old Eddie is super-creative. I mean he is super-creative. He loves crafting, painting, making, sewing, drawing… he’s just a creator of the nth degree. He loves to read, loves science, loves to find out how things work and why, but his natural leaning is towards anything creative. I swear, there is nothing this… Read More

How to make butter

how to make homemade butter

      Making your own butter is so easy to do.  You don’t need any special equipment at all and you only need one ingredient.  The whole process from beginning to end takes 15 minutes at most. Price-wise, here is the breakdown.  Tesco currently sell 250g of Anchor butter for £1.70, or you could… Read More