November 27, 2015

5 fun holidays in the UK perfect for families




Finding a fun holiday in the UK that’s suitable for the whole family is simple because there are so many great options available to choose from. Here we look at 5 types of holiday that provide fun and adventure for young and old alike:
1. England’s waterways

If you want to try something really different with your family, have you ever considered canal boat holidays in England and Wales? The UK and especially England has historic narrow canals that have been used for trade transport for years. Today, many narrowboats have been transformed and others have been built with modern decor and furnishings for living, cruising and holidaying. Cruiser sterns give room for more people on deck to see the passing tranquil countryside and wildlife with some sterns are set as an outdoor dining space.




A canal boat holiday is a great way to spend quality family together and you can even bring pets. Teamwork is required to work the locks helping to create togetherness that most other family holidays lack. Children will love the whole adventure of living and travelling on a canal boat and learning all the boating terminology. Watch their joy when they get a turn to steer the boat, with parental guidance of course! Stop off at a local canal side pub or even a city for a spot of shopping or visit some tourist attractions.


2. Edinburgh

This scenic city has historic sites, museums and more. Children and adults love to explore Edinburgh Castle, the fortress on the hill overlooking the city. The museums are educational and amusing like the Museum of Childhood, and the different public parks give open ground for exercise and picnics.

3. Belfast

Northern Ireland’s Belfast has much for the family to do. The zoo is a special area for all animal lovers. Then, the Odyssey Arena is a favourite venue that offers a learning centre, IMAX Theatre and more. Several parklands are available for outdoor activities. One of these is Cave Hill Adventurous Playground that offers an aerial runway, climbing equipment, tall slides and much more for active families.

4. Biking Tours

Biking is an extremely popular sport in the United Kingdom, and many families include short and long cycling tours when they are on holiday. Especially recommended for sightseeing in London, the entire family can tour inexpensively and have a lovely time seeing different parts of the city. Tour guides take their guests on tours of all the city highlights, or families can take independent tours like in Kensington Gardens.

5. Newton Abbot

A lovely market town in Devon, England, Newton Abbot has lodgings and numerous activities for children and people of all ages. Besides the fabulous area beaches, one of the many spots that’s fun for the entire family is Trago Mills. This amusement park and shopping centre has a skating rink, kart track and kiddie train as well as bargain shopping for clothing, furniture and other items. Additionally, food vendors offer tasty treats, and cafes offer meals and afternoon tea.

The United Kingdom has much to offer families on holiday. Taking quality fun time in new surroundings together is important for creating memories and drawing the family closer to each other. Finding just one spot in the United Kingdom, families can discover and experience the local attractions, nature and culture on an adventure getaway.




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