November 28, 2015

Reducing Energy by 2050- A Look at UK Household Energy Consumption



Light bulb


Energy is a hot topic this time of year, both in the political spectrum, as well as among consumers. Just after Christmas money is often tight, and the weather isn’t helping to keep gas and electricity bills down.

I’ve been researching household energy consumption in the UK over the last four decades, and have discovered some positive progress made towards the UK’s pledge to reduce the countries overall energy consumption by 2050. I was pleasantly surprised by the impact of the light bulb change on household’s energy consumption to lighting, and I also came across some useful tips on how to save energy within the home.

To see these tips, and read the full article on the UK’s household energy consumption visit Custom Curtains blog:

The statistics show that the UK is heading in the right direction, but that there is still more progress to be made and there are also some great ways to save energy and money on household bills.




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