November 25, 2015

Keep utility bills down


Das Energiesparen


You have a large family, possibly a growing one and you’re fed up of things like energy and electricity bills continuing to rocket through the roof. A common complaint and concern across the UK in the current climate. But, have you ever taken the time to think about keeping your bills down?

Frugality is a principle we’ve been hearing more and more about. And, it could be the difference between a mini-break to the Alps and a 10-day ski trip. Consider these tips to save on your bills at home.


Within a large family you might have one person who’s desperate for high speed internet, another who is desperate for the SKY movie package all the while you might want the sports package and a solid landline. You can get these from different providers for a decent price but you will get the best deals by bundling them up. Family mobile plans are also available.


The first thing we use when we get up and the last thing before bed is usually water. It is vital to our lives, and we know that. But, using it wisely is good both for you and the environment. Ever ran the dishwasher or washing machine half full? If so, then you should know that as much as 1,000 gallons can be saved each month by only running them when full. All of your family showers in the morning, so it’s useful to know that making sure your showerhead is water-efficient can save 750 gallons a month. Find other useful ways to drop water usage – and your bill – with

Energy Tariffs

In October last year, British Gas and Npower announced that energy prices were set to rise – again. Nobody thinks they are getting a fair deal, and now is as good a time as any to look at changing suppliers. As much as £314 can be saved when using comparison site and that can be just the tonic for cheering you up as the weather takes a turn for the worse.


The less heat lost in the home, the less time your heating needs to be on during the day. Studies show that as much as 15% of heating expenses can be due to a poorly insulated home. With this in mind, draught-proof doors and windows, reinforce the attic and save money in the winter months.

Less Wastage

OK, so maybe not a utility bill, but it’s worthy of a mention. We love food and with a house full, waste is probably high as well. Food aware notes that some 18 million tonnes of food ends up in UK landfills each year. With rising prices, this is costing more than £20 billion across the board with producers, retailers and households all taking a third of the hit. Try to find ways of turning your leftovers into soups, casseroles or lunch the next day to free you from cooking and wasting both energy and food.




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