August 30, 2015

Creative fun with Hama



Hama Beads are the newest discovery in our house for hours of artistic fun.

The beads cater for different ages of children.  The Maxi Beads are suitable for children aged 3 and up, the Midi range is for those aged 5 and over and the Mini beads can be used by children ten years or over.

Using the beads is simple.  Use a pegboard to create your artistic design.    Once your design has been created to your satisfaction, simply cover with ironing paper (greaseproof will do) and run a hot iron over it to make the beads melt together – this part should obviously only be done by a grown up!  Once your design has cooled carefully remove it from the pegboard, which can then be used over and over again.

With the dozens of pegboards to choose from, from shaped animals or people to plain shapes, and so many different shades and types of Hama Beads to select, you can let your imagination run wild and set about creating whole scenes and sets of anything you like.

Hama Beads are available from all good toy sellers including Craft Merrily and Amazon now.








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