February 12, 2016

Staying warm this winter on a budget



Is it just me or have the last few days been extra cold? Not even my two jumpers and thickest pair of jeans could protect my heater from being put up to full blast! Weather like this is an absolute disaster for lovers of frugality since we often tend to switch the heater up in an attempt to keep the house warm and this in turn increases the bills. Paying more than I should has never been my forte and so I’ve decided to put together some tips on keeping the house warm without blowing the budget:

Cover up

Yes those summer clothes do look really nice but we can’t always go for style over substance. If you’re wearing thicker clothes and extra layers then you will naturally feel warmer and therefore won’t need to turn the heater up as much. In general, natural fibres such as wool, linen, silk, and to a lesser extent, cotton keep in the heat better than man-made fibres so look out for these when purchasing your winter clothing.

Monitor the temperature

My mum has an annoying habit where she needs to know the exact temperature in the room. If the temperature becomes 0.5 degrees warmer or colder than her optimum temperature, she alters the heater setting! As finicky as this is, I can see substance in her crazy idea. When it’s very cold outside, there is a tendency to get too comfortable and heat the house more than is needed but monitoring the temperature will prevent this. Keep a household thermometer in your room and adjust the temperature when it gets too warm.


Insulation helps make best use of the heat you already have by preventing it from escaping and thus regulating it around the house. Heat rises and therefore will end up making its way out of your house through the ceiling but insulation helps minimise the effect of this by preventing the heat from escaping. When choosing roof insulation there are a few options available to you and you will need to choose the one that suits your household best. Fiberglass and Cellulose fibre are popular options but both will require installation from an expert.

Heat only the rooms you need

If you use central heating, do you really need to heat the whole house? Are there rooms which nobody will be using for a few hours? Are you wasting money heating up the guest room when you’re currently not entertaining a guest? Turn off the heating in rooms which are not currently being used to save energy. Another tip is to gradually reduce the heating in the living room an hour before going to bed. The living room doesn’t need to be warm when you’re in your bedroom and if nothing else, the gradual decline in temperature will help persuade you switch off the Television and go to bed,

Make use of a blanket

Who doesn’t like to snuggle into a warm blanket with some hot chocolate when it’s cold outside?  A blanket is a very costs effective way of keeping warm. Get one for each member of the household and you can all snuggle into your own personal blanky instead of turning the heating up.

Well these are my tips for keeping the house warm on a budget but this article will only be truly beneficial if you all chip in and give some tips of your own as well. If you have some tips, please let me know in the comments section.

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