September 1, 2015

Big meals from around the globe




As we all know, cooking for a large family is far from simple. While Jesus could feed five thousand simply with a fish and a loaf of bread, the rest of us must toil hard to create a feast that pleases everyone – all the while making sure to stick to budget. No mean feat!

Here at Groupon, the UK’s largest discount site, we understand the difficulty of finding new ways to feed a large family. Since big families are common throughout the world, here are some recommendations from our employee’s home countries that can easily be scaled up to feed plenty and perhaps you could try out some of these dishes with our restaurant vouchers.

The Basque Country: Bacalao al pil-pil

This most traditional of Basque dishes is a great way of quickly cooking up something healthy for a crowd. Consisting only of salted cod, olive oil, garlic and chili, Bacalao al pil-pil is simple in its ingredients, and with the right preparation is fairly simple to master.

According to legend, Bacalao al pil-pil was invented when a fish merchant accidentally ordered 20,022 fish and required a simple, delicious recipe to sell them on. Compared to that, feeding your family should be a walk in the park!

Yemen: Yemenite Soup

As with many great large meals, Yemenite soup is both simple and flavoursome. After spending a little attention mixing the spices at the beginning, the broth can be left unattended to stew for hours.

The result is a light, satisfying meal that will delight you and your children alike. Just don’t put in too much fenugreek – Yemenites consider this a fertility booster, this meal could end up further boosting your brood!

Poland: Outlaw’s pancakes

Sometimes it can feel like your house is filled with little bandits, so what could be better than feeding them with an appropriately named meal?

Originating from Southern Poland, this dish has fast become a national favorite. Like all pancake mixtures, this dish can quickly be scaled up to feed many hungry mouths, while making the Goulash to cover them is similarly simple, even if it takes a little time to cook (a good recipe for this stew can also be found here).

Kurdistan: Tapsi

Described by a friend as ‘Iranian cuisine simplified for big families’, Kurdish food is ideally suited to the needs of those with larger households. Tapsi, a delicious vegetable bake popular in Northern Iraq and Kurdistan, is a simple way to get your kids interested in the joys of healthy eating.

Like all bakes and casseroles, there is little work to do after the initial preparation. Served hot with rice, there are few simpler dishes that can offer such good flavours!

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 (Guest Post written by Leon Kuebler Groupon)


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